Housework or Job-Work for Yourself

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 Housework is a job of utmost dedication that requires patience round the clock but let us agree with the fact that sadly it is also the most underrated and unappreciated job in today's scenario.

However,that doesn't justify the reason as to why women should step out of their homes and start working but there are many other reasons why working is important not just for earning those extra bucks to keep you running but also from the perspective of a woman's personal development.

Just as a book unsorted for long catches dust;without much productive activity in life there's a little chance that our cognitive skills and knowledge could be used to their threshold potential.

And for some marriage could be harsh,only if they allow it, as sometimes the best of skills are just lost in the whistling of pressure cookers and whooshing of clothes !

Therefore,the point is if you are a homemaker,however important your housework be,just don't forget to spare those extra hours for yourself each day where you can update self to the outer world,perhaps read a book or learn new things.
If possible just venture yourself out into a daily routine,join a class that you always wanted to or pick up a job suiting to your needs.
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 There are no second thoughts about the fact that when you work,you learn to manage time more effectively.A similar day in comparison would either go unplanned,sleeping on the couch or watching TV the whole day.
Needless to say"A no boundary to time often leads to a day spent unproductively".
Besides an effective routine could not only shoo lethargy but also help some spare time get utilised.

So if you have been thinking to work lately but have a dilemma about managing things at hand,discard your slightest doubt here because staying at home just runs you with limited options,contacts and area of work.In other words exposure count staying at home sometimes drops to zero making it grow monotonous over time.

Whereas it is always nice to go out ,meet new people and prepare yourself  for different work and challenges.This not only provides ample opportunities to learn but also increases the knowledge bank over the time.

To sum up,whether you have decided to stay put or trot out,just don't allow yourself to stagnate rather keep growing each day.

Always remember
"A woman's life should be like a stream of flowing water ,sparkling and always on a move".


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