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Your Guide to Hair-rebonding and Straightening

Many new hair trends and styles have emerged over the years but the 'silky-manageable-straight-look' still remains the number one choice of hair among women.Undoubtedly straight hair are drool worthy and easy to manage as well as style.And a good news for straight hair fans like you and me is that there are several techniques available in the market today which can turn your dry and frizzy hair into those amazing locks.Techniques like Hair-Rebonding and Straightening are a known popular choice among those who dream to achieve their 'most desirable look'.
Jenn Durfey-

So if you are thinking to transform your hair for better,perhaps my personal experience of  Rebonding/Straightening would help you gain more details and answer those common queries running inside your mind.

Be careful while choosing your Hair salon

After undergoing a session of two rebonds and a Straightening,I would suggest that such processes should always be done in a Professsional hair-care studio by a skilled hair-stylist.Please don't be lured by cheap deals and trade you hair for those dime a dozen Hair-rebonding/Straightening ads.If you really love your hair and looking for good results,always approach established brands like Loreal,Schwarzkopf,Wella these are reliable and known for their fine hair services all over the world.

The Best brand for Hair-rebonding

Personally I  feel that Schwarzkopf(Lakme)provides the best hair-rebonding service.I have experienced stupendous hair results with Schwarzkopf twice and luckily there was no hair damage.So for me Schwarzkopf wins hands-down in hair services and I strongly recommend it to all my friends and other people.

The cost of a rebond

The cost of a hair-rebond depends on the length of the hair.Shoulder length hair would cost around 3000-4500(INR)84USD.And those exceeding shoulder length would cost around 6000-8000 rupees[112USD-149USD].The cost of hair straightening however is less than rebonding in some brands like Loreal.I was charged 6000 rupees(Loreal) for the hair straightening session this time as compared to 7k for the rebonding process(Lakme) last time.

Straightening vs Hair-rebonding

Many people are confused between Straightening and Rebonding about them being one and the same.But these are two entirely different processes;both chemical-based catalysts that are carried out to attain straight hair look.However,sturdy results achieved with rebonding are incomparably better than those obtained with straightening.Invariably,straightening is more likely to cause hair-damage therefore rebonding gets another vote from me here.

New therapies/techniques

Apart from Hair-rebond/Straightening,there are many new techniques available in the market you can opt for.Strait therapy,hair-extenso services are some services which are introduced lately and claim to give much better results for straight hair.However the price slightly ranges on a higher side as compared to other techniques.Strait therapy could cost as much as 12000 rupees[224USD] or even more depending on the length of the hair but it still claims to provide the best of results to its customers.

Duration-Hair-rebonding takes around 7-8 hrs in its first session.Straightening generally takes lesser time- 4-5 hours approx.

How long does it stay?

Your hair-rebond would wear out depending on the growth of your hair.Fast growing hair could get back to their original texture in a span of 6 months whereas generally you could enjoy a whole year long with those straight hair.

Taking care of your Hair-care post rebonding

Your hair are treated with the strongest chemicals as a part of these processes,therefore it is important to know that they would need an extra hair-care regime now.Hair spas are meant to strengthen and keep your hair healthy so I would recommend it fortnightly or monthly depending on the amount of dirt and sun your hair are exposed to.Also try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and remain stress free as presence of stress and lack of a balanced-diet are known to have noxious effects on your hair leading to many problems such as dandruff and hair fall.

                      Many people debate about how adversely these processes effect your hair but i feel with proper hair care and use of right hair products you could enjoy the whiz and bang of looking your favorite best.After all ,the fact that hair have always remained an important ingredient of our personality,look and lifestyle can't be easily abjured.


  1. I used to have my hair rebonded yearly but now I stopped for it ruins my hair. Now I make sure to take good care of my hair naturally like the tips you mentioned in your post.

  2. One of my vanity units for small bathrooms can only cater so much as a shampoo, conditioner and the basic toiletries I have. However, this time, I'll really put aside some space and time to take care of my newly-treated hair. So it shows, beauty has indeed a price.

  3. Courtney Smithson8 January 2013 at 22:30

    I regularly rebond my hair and I really love the result. Though I noticed after a few months my hair would get a little brittle and frizzy. It's a good thing I found this moroccan oil hair treatment and it really works for me! Now I don't have any hesitations on getting my hair treated.

  4. @Emie Lim-Yes I do understand that more of these chemical processes spoil the hair.I am glad you have chosen the right way to maintain healthy and good looking hair.Thanks for stopping by and dropping your experience.

  5. @Courtney Smithson-That's nice,good for you..Thanks for sharing..

  6. I have to share that most hair salons gold coast do great hair re-bonding techniques. They are well known for these treatments.

  7. Thank you for your valuable insights..

  8. Thanks for sharing. I am having a Hair Straightener to straight my hair. If you tell me the shampoo name so that i can use both shampoo and my hair straightener and make my hair straight and shiny.

  9. @Vivek-Frequent use of hair straightener ruins the hair and makes them dry and dull.Please make sure you don't use much of hair straightener for straightening..And whenever you do so don't forget to apply heat protecting serum before the process..As far as shampoos are concerned you can go for any brand that suits your hair type..Also go for regular hair spa's to keep your hair healthy..

  10. Thanks 4 ur suggestions i have already got 2 rebondings done that too loreal in last 4 yrs now i have been using hair straightner from last 8 months but as i am use to straight hair now i am looking for geting a straighting done again my hair texture is dry now plz suggest i should go 4 loreal x.tenso moisturist or schwarzkorf straight theraipy pls suggest

    1. I would suggest to go for schwarzkorf rebonding.

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  14. hi i am planning to get my hair rebond in noida...any good salon?

  15. Anybody had gone thru L'Oréal xtenso? Please share the experience of it is safe. N how long it stays?

  16. plzzzzzz someone tell me the price of schwarzkopf professional strait therapy

  17. It is a good site for sharing about the best salons,thanks

  18. My hair z v dry n curly it gives a horrible look i want to go for hair re bonding. Should i go for it ? Im afraid of hairfall


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