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Beauty pageants-The Untold Reality!

The glittering tiara on a winner's head seems appalling to every girl or woman who ever dreamt of walking on ramp and becoming a beauty queen right from her childhood days.There's no woman who wouldn't like to dazzle as a diva and emerging a winner among hundred faces grabbing that instant spotlight .If you are a woman/girl who believes in herself and thinks that you have it in you,probably there are many more things you just need to ask yourself and enquire in a more practical approach before participating in any beauty pageant.

First of all,you need to ask yourself why you want to participate in the beauty pageant and what are you expecting from it.Is it just for fun ,or for trying something new as a different experience or you are looking for a long term future and a stepping stone towards your glam career.
The foremost reality you need to know about pageantry is that it is no charity organisation and just like any other commercial  purpose,beauty pageants are also a business at hand.
The idea behind giving you an opportunity and promises of turning you into a star,the event companies make a big time money.
So if you are a beginner and  expecting a lot by putting in little,you may just end up disappointing yourself.
You may have to invest as much initially as you can reap later as there are hundreds of expenses involved in a pageant especially when you are a starter-like dresses,travel,stay and other expenditures.
So make sure when you don't end up winning anything you don't feel like as you have been cheated by the company.It is very important to be strong in your budget and financial planning before you participate in a pageant.
Another thing is that you must enquire thoroughly about the pageant and the company which is organizing it.
It is such a derision to see some companies fradulating young guys,girls and married women in the name of beauty pageants.It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that pageantry has become a joke at many places,as every xyz or abc of person  is organizing a so-called beauty pageant where some registration fees is taken by the participants,sponsors are arranged and the money earned goes in the kitty of the organizers.
At the end,the participants just feel cheated as they don't get the right exposure and returns they were expecting from the pageant.
So,if you are seriously looking towards pageantry as a platform and looking for long-term goals, it is wise to enquire about the event company and the brand name of the organisers and before investing a considerable time and energy towards any pageant,keep a track of following things as it can save you from landing into a fraud or poor experience-

1.Always follow the pageant brand before participating,how long the brand has been organising the pageants and what kind of exposure they are giving to their winners.

2.Keep a track of what past winners of the pageant have been doing,you may talk to them and know their views and experiences about the pageant.

3.Make sure there are no cases or complaints of any kind against the pageant company in the past.

4.Always participate in a reputed pageant,as whether you win or not you shall always take home a good experience and exposure.

5.Remember nothing is for free so be ready to deal with the expenses involved.

6.A pageant should be able to offer good exposure to its winners.Check the sponsors of the pageant and the prizes offered to the winners.This determines the credibility of a pageant.

7.Do not spend blindly if the organisers ask money in the name of extra expenses/grooming services,unless you feel its really worth and would give you a good boost in future.

8.A good beauty pageant always focuses on brand building and quality of its show and would try to make your pageant time a memorable experience.Hence,it would provide the participants with the best of team in grooming,training,styling and makeup during the pageant.If any of these things seems to be missing in quality during the show it is quite probable that the organisers are more focused towards cutting their costs and filling the pockets.

9.Stay away from being influenced or lured towards any offers of becoming a winner.Pageants attempting any such way are definitely not worth participating .Also be mentally prepared that even if you are the most talented person in the lot,you may or may not win.

10.Once a winner,find out what costs the company is ready to bear for you and to promote you as their winner.

11.Learn to walk out and say NO at any moment it doesn't seem right.

Participate for the right reasons as a beauty pageant is great way of enhancing personality and building self confidence. 
Goodluck !! :)

Story to inspire-NGO Pahal for a good cause.

How many of us trust Ngo's for charity and social work?

Recently,I came across this wonderful organization Pahal,which is neither started by enterpreneurs nor backed up by big names but founded by common people of the society like you and me-The Doctors,Engineers,Educationists,and Teachers.A bunch of kind people who work hard on a 9-5 job and then manage to find time from their busy lives to give back to the society.

Yes,there are people who are working sincerely every minute to make this world a better place as I met this wonderful man Lakhbir singh,a college professor fighting with cancer since past 7 years.His cancer,however has never been a hinderance to his genuine contributions towards the society as he proudly represents this organization called 'Pahal 'which focuses on individual health,society and environmental issues and works all over Punjab for creating awareness towards social causes.

PAHAL team has Mobilized more than 50,000 units of blood in 423 Voluntary Blood Donation Camps ,during emergencies in various hospitals and also provided medical facilities to around 1.5 lacs of people in remote villages.The team has also planted more than 5 lacs Saplings in various areas of Punjab...and is doing much more each day...

I believe that good things should be spread and counting on the dedication and honesty with which this organization works across 'silently' to reach out so many needy people around,I request you all to support the vision of common people like Lakhbir singh and help a hand towards good causes.Please join and support us in your own ways!!Be a member,volunteer or donate,the way you wish.
You are at the right place!

"The only way to feel good is to start doing good"

Look Around,Pause,Think!

Life is beautiful ...I have never questioned the fact and always abide that every moment of life is worth living for and making the most of it.But the curious person I am ;I always ask what is it really about?Why are we here?Are we been put here to just fulfill our needs for some 60 years,working out to the best of our abilities and then get away; or there's really much more to life?

What about things such as the joy of giving,doing your bit and spreading goodwill.Are these meant to be only heard and read in books?A matter of fact apart from feeling good and preaching it to others,most of these 'good things' don't bother us unless it has somewhere,sometime put an implication on or affected our own lives.

I support it with the small  fact that when I post a  picture of mine on the internet,it gets a rage in few minutes with hundreds of likes.An another post shared for a good cause isn't able to create the same pact.I however feel that it should be the other way round.But I think people understand most of what they see.They probably like to see more,rather than listening.And also that what you can't feel and understand,you can never follow.

Not very long ago,I observed an accident in a closer vicinity to mine.A biker and a lorry had collided midway;a mob of over 100 people had gathered on the road.All gossiping with sheer curiosity at the bleeding biker and his tattered bike.It looked like a matinee show.Some people were also abusing and brawling with the lorry driver in the middle of road creating more action;Ignoring the fact that what was needed was not a 'Midway Tamasha' but an immediate help to the injured.I was amazed and angry,and wouldn't mind mentioning here that it was me and my husband who got down to help and soon we were supported by many other hands to help reach the victim to hospital.

That experience of my life really moved me.I was forced to think "Compassion is falling out of our lives..Isn't it?" We  are becoming busy, harsh and selfish;too busy and self-absorbed to notice the beautiful world around ;to help and listen to other people;to stop thinking only about ourselves!

50 people molesting a girl on the streets of a busy road and a camera man capturing the moment to gain TRP's .A child being killed to death by a mob for pick-pocketing and the whole action being shown live on television.I feel shame for such people.If you could record it in the live reel,you could have probably saved a life!

..Sad to say that life has shrunk to a business and human emotions are being sold..

But it really doesn't cost to be a little kind.
Next time all you have to do is help the injured on the highway rather than ignoring and speeding away;and instead of making videos,let's get the bleeding victims to the hospital.
Remember It could have been you !

Goodness is contagious.Let us infect each other.Whoever reads can share and carry the chain. :)

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